Dolphin System

Project Dolphin is an effort to shift the existing COBOL based system to more current RDBMS based on-line system. The project has been developed using open source software i.e. Java/PostgreSQL and runs on Linux environment.

This project is under implementation stage in PAOs. PAOs are now able to credit pay and allowances of PBORs on monthly basis. Like PAO (ASC) Bangalore display the statements of accounts of PBORs (both monthly and quarterly) on their respective websites. PBORs and units have login facility to see their statements of accounts, lodge grievance online and view reply online. PAO (ASC) South, Bangalore has already launched its website and started displaying the monthly and quarterly statement of accounts on website. The other PAOs will be gradually shifted from quarterly to monthly payment to PBORs. PAOs will also launch their websites for login based display of accounts of PBORs on their websites.

Date of implementation of the initiative: The development of the project has been successfully completed in July, 2010. Implementation began in two PAOs in parallel mode in August, 2010. Processing of accounts has been completely switched over to Dolphin from COBOL system since September, 2010 and it was further rolled out to another 12 PAOs since then. Salient features of Dolphin are:

  • Dolphin is an online system and hence delivers immediate feedback. As soon as a DO II is fed into the system, the calculation is done by the system immediately unlike earlier COBOL based system where the result was known at the time of quarterly closing. Therefore the rejections can be intimated to the units immediately for rectification.
  • Validation checks incorporated in the system ensures that only accurate data is being fed into the system.
  • In the COBOL based system, the data was accessible only to the EDP staff making it difficult for the PAO staff to settle any grievance/complaint on real time basis. Dolphin has made data available to all the staff of PAO thereby greatly reducing the complaint redressal time.
  • Dolphin has facility to import soft copy of DO II data generated by Record Office/Unit resulting in elimination of data entry work.
  • The project facilitates to provide monthly entitlement information to the soldiers. This helps them to lodge complaint/grievance if any with the PAO unlike the earlier system where the soldier gets the statement of account only after quarterly closing.
  • The system establishes the authority and accountability. The task functions have been defined. The system keeps track of all the actions performed by the task holder/supervisory staff, also recording date & time of the same.